April 7, 2020 at 1:05 p.m. for the first time for the history of the project "Urban public transport in Ukraine" in online video conferencing mode Tender proposals for “Supply of 10 new low-floor articulated tram cars, 29-33 m long, including a set of spare parts and consumables, a set of equipment and tools for maintenance, repair and related services” were opened under the leadership of the Chairman of the Tender Committee of IFI projects. This project is implemented with a loan from the European Investment Bank and in accordance with the Procurement Policy and Rules of this financial institution.

The announcement of the international open tender took place on February 10, 2020, the deadline for submission of proposals is March 24, 2020. and extended until April 7, 2020. due to requests from potential participants.

Potential bidders were:

  • LLC JV “ELECTRONTRANS” (Lviv, Ukraine);
  • PESA Bydgoszcz SA (Bydgoszcz, Poland);
  • Cegielski - Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych Sp. z o.o. (Poznan, Poland);
  • Tatra-South LLC (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • LITAN TRADING HOUSE LLC (Dnipro, Ukraine)
  • BKM-Ukraine LLC (Lutsk, Ukraine)
  • Bozankaya (Turkey)
  • ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION a.s. (Czech Republic)

2 companies took part in the tender:

1) PESA Bydgoszcz SA,

2) Consortium of LLC "Joint Ukrainian-German Company Electrontrans" and LLC "ElectronMash".