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History of the enterprise

History of the enterprise

History of Lvivelectrotrans

Lviv tram is not just a means of transportation. The tram in the city is much more than a kind of public transport, without which the people of Lviv cannot imagine our city. Lviv tram is one of the symbols of the city of Lviv. LKP Lvivelectrotrans is one of the oldest enterprises of city electric transport.

Today, many Lviv residents and guests use the services of the city tram and trolleybus. Every day electric transport serves about 200 thousand passengers on 8 tram and 11 trolleybus routes.

Tickets and monthly travel cards for travel in electric vehicles are available buy in the network of kiosks located at stops, at the driver, on the site, as well as through the mobile application Privat 24, via SMS, Bluetooth and the application EasyWallet.

Areas of activity of the enterprise

Areas of activity of the enterprise (according to the Charter):

  • Provision of services for transportation of the population by electric transport, motor transport;
  • Organization of traffic;
  • Determining the needs of the population for transportation and rolling stock needs;
  • Construction, operation, maintenance and repair:
    • tram tracks and track structures;
    • structures and electrical equipment of traction substations;
    • remote control systems;
    • power grids;
    • signaling and communication facilities and equipment;
    • buildings and structures of enterprises;

Operation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair:

  • electric transport and road transport;
  • electrical equipment up to and above 1000 V;

Contracting activities, including:

  • rent;
  • organization and carrying out of excursion-tourist activity on electric and motor transport;

Implementation of foreign economic activity;

Trade and intermediary activities, including transmission and supply of electricity;

Implementation of environmental measures;

Development of the system of continuous training and retraining, organization and training of tram and trolleybus drivers, scientific and methodological support of legal and personnel work;

Organization of recreation, health and catering;

Methodical practice, analysis and study of the state of health and morbidity of workers, implementation of measures to reduce labor costs for temporary disability;

General construction works;

Preparation of design and estimate documentation;

Repair and calibration of measuring equipment, electrical measuring and testing works in electrical installations with voltage up to and above 1000 V;

Design, installation and commissioning:

  • tram tracks and non-standard equipment and special parts;
  • electrical equipment of traction substations;
  • power grids;
  • power supply, electric lighting;
  • remote control systems;
  • alarm and communication equipment;
  • technological equipment;
  • heating, heating, water supply and sewerage systems;
  • electrical equipment with voltage up to and above 1000 V;

Development, design and manufacture of technological equipment, devices, mechanization for equipment repair, non-standard equipment, spare parts and restoration of worn parts for own needs and for third-party enterprises, organizations and institutions regardless of ownership;


Foundry works on production of spare parts from non-ferrous and ferrous metals;

Carrying out of works on operation, repair, installation, start-up and adjustment of the equipment of means of relay protection, communication, automatic equipment and control and measuring devices and rendering of other services of industrial and non-production character to third parties, organizations, legal entities and individuals on a contractual basis;

Operation of buildings and structures of housing and communal services of the Enterprise and provision of services to residents of dormitories and departmental residential buildings;

Development of design, technological, regulatory documentation;

Development and provision of technical conditions for the reconstruction and capital construction of tram tracks and catenaries;

Operation, maintenance and repair of household appliances;

Implementation of metrological activities, including:

  • organization of metrological control and supervision;
  • development of methods of measurements, methods of metrological certification, verification and calibration of measuring instruments;
  • organization, submission for state tests and verification, as well as organization and repair of measuring equipment;

Drainage, cleaning of tanks, containers and other containers from sediments from oil products;

Monitoring the progress of reconstruction, construction of tram tracks and catenary;

Providing services for the transportation of goods by electric and motor vehicles to third parties, organizations, legal entities and individuals on a contractual basis;

Certification of safety of electrical installations of consumers, including and those who have exhausted their resources;

Vocational training, retraining, course professional training, advanced training of youth and unemployed population in working professions;

Advertising activities.