How to buy a ticket

How to buy a ticket

How to buy a ticket

In the driver

The tram or trolley driver can buy a one -time ticket & ndash; full for 10 UAH. or preferential for 5 UAH . Baggage (60x40x20 cm) - 10 UAH. The driver receives payment only in cash (try to pay without the rest). According to the new rules of passage in Lviv electric transport, a passenger who wants to buy a ticket from the driver should only go to the first doors. It is also obligatory to dispose of a ticket.

In kiosks with the press

In kiosks with the press sell all kinds of travel: one -time tickets (general - 9 UAH and preferential - 4 UAH. ), monthly subscriptions & ndash; full for 240 UAH. and preferential for 120 UAH. . There are almost 90 such kiosks in the city.

Online & Laquo; Livinetrotrans & Raquo;

On the site of the utility you can buy three -day travel cards, as well as monthly subscriptions & ndash; Complete (cheaper than purchased in kiosks) or preferential, as well as quarterly - for 90 days of use. You can pay for the purchase by any card, of course, which is available. The travel travel with the QR code is sent to the buyer to the email address. There are three ways to use it: to show the passage from mail, print it, or take a screenshot on your gadget. The advantage of this method of payment & ndash; You can subscribe to the monthly automatic purchase of the roadway. However, in order to use such a travel, you need to have any identity photography document & ndash; For example, a reader ticket, a service license or a driver's license.

By RAVINE -code and Privat24

In all the trams and trolleybuses of Lviv, there are QR codes that can be read through Privat24. This way you can buy one -time travel tickets, as well as monthly subscriptions & ndash; Both preferential and general (cheaper than purchased in kiosks). The service is available for both iOS and Android. Yes, contactless payment is: full ticket - 8 UAH. 50 kopecks. , and preferential - 4 UAH. , luggage (60x40x20 cm) - 8 UAH. 50 kopecks.

You can make a one -time ticket with one click: on the screen, the number of the wagon in which you drive, so use this ticket in another tram or trolleybus will not work. In this method of payment, it is important that the smartphone is always charged while traveling so that the controller can confirm his right to travel.

You can pay for the fare not only through the & laquo card; Privatbank & raquo;. IOS users and Android Privat24 can add cards and other banks.

Through SMS

To buy a ticket through SMS, you need to send a message to the universal for all subscribers number 877 with the route code, which is indicated on the sticker in each tram and trolleybus. The trams are code PNC is responsible for the preferential ticket, SNC & ndash; for the general. In trolleybuses PNB is responsible for preferential tickets and SNB & ndash; for general.

The passenger will then be sent to the passenger in response to the phone, which will have information about the check code for the controller, the route number, the type of transport, the city, the cost of the ticket and the time of its operation. In this case, the cost of the message will not be charged, and the passenger will only pay for the ticket price.

Via Bluetooth and Easywallet app

The system works using the Easywalletua application and does not require the use of the validator or QR code.

How to pay a fare with Bluetooth:

  1. you need to download the Easywallet UA from Play Market (for Android) or with AppStore (for iOS);
  2. create your account in the program;
  3. to attach your card to it from which the funds will be read;
  4. When you enter the electric transport, you need to turn on Bluetooth and mobile data. The program reads the tram or trolleybus sensors and will offer payment;
  5. Upon confirmation of payment, on the screen of the smartphone with & rsquo; there will be payment data and bar code, which will be able to scan the controller for verification.

This payment system was developed by the Ukrainian startup-project Jetbeep in collaboration with EasyPay.

Through self -care terminal

Special terminals for the purchase of travel tickets from Izii are installed at the electric transport stops in Lviv.