We have experienced two wars, we will survive the third!

We have experienced two wars, we will survive the third!

Today, the Lviv electric tram is 128 years old.

He survived a lot of evil, and in times of difficult times for our country, he continues his work.

Despite the almost completely destroyed logistics of supplying spare parts for rolling stock, 70 trams are released daily. The tram park is being updated, and soon our passengers will be able to use two new low -floor drip & rsquo; yatsectic tram.

This information about the work of the Lviv tram (one of the oldest in Ukraine) during the First and Second World Wars has prepared Alexander Aristarhov , researcher of the Lviv History Museum, Department of History of Science and Technology, as well as a long -standing reliable friend of LKP & Laquo; Lvivelectrotrans & Raquo;. Photo from the funds of the Lviv History Museum.

In September 3, 1914, Russian troops entered Lviv. During their stay in the city (until June 22, 1915), the tram continued its work. At the beginning of the First World War, a large number of wagons and conductors (all of them were male at that time) were mobilized.

In the first days of August 1914, the tram traffic in our city was completely disorganized. But on August 5, some conductors began to work with wagons, and volunteers & ndash came to the aid of the conductors; Students of Lviv schools. And for the first time since September 18, 1915, women began working at the Lviv tram.

At this time, a special tram guide was issued in Russian & laquo; how to use the tram & raquo; ( It wrote the rules of travel, prices and described routes. The fare was 6 cents or 20 galers (10 cents) in the first class and 3 pennies or 10 galers (5 cents).

10 radial lines worked:

Cd To the main station on the street. Gorodotskaya

Lee To the Yaniv Ragat (on Shevchenko Street)

XZ To the Zamarstynivska slingshot

GG To Scotobiy on Gabrielivka (industrial street)

Ul To a high castle

LD To the Lychakiv station on the street. Lychakivska

Lee To the Lychakiv Cemetery on the street. Green

Cd To a technical school (Mushaka Street)

Ul To 29 November Street (Konovalets Street)

LD To the main railway station on the street. Copernicus

On September 1, 1939, rails and a contact network on Gorodotskaya were damaged during the raid of the German aviation on the second thing of the Commonwealth. The tram movement in this area was stopped.

From mid -September it has been stopped all over the city.

The regular work of the trams was restored on September 25, 1939 after the occupation of Lviv by the Red Army. During the Soviet occupation, new sections & mdash were put into operation; Continuation of available lines: on the street. Gorodotskaya to the railway on Bogdanivka, on the street. Shevchenko to the railway, on the street. Zamarstynivska to the street. Gorodnitsky, on the street. Lychakivska to the street. Pasichna.

10 routes worked:

1 Main railway station & ndash; Lychakiv Ragat

2 Main railway station & ndash; Hetman shafts

with Str. Yanovskaya & Ndash; Petra St. (Mechnikova)

h Str. Tomitsky (tram depot on Vitovsky Street & Ndash; High Castle

5 Bogdanivka, Gorodotskaya & Ndash; center & ndash; Green & Ndash; Lychakivska & Ndash; Square Bandur (Square) & Ndash; Squ. center & ndash; Gorodotskaya & Ndash; Bogdanivka

w Yanivska Street (Shevchenko Street) & Ndash; May 1 (Freedom) & Ndash; Str. Zlibkevich (Iv. Frankiva) & Ndash; Technical School (Mushaka Street)

sh Str. Engels (Konovalets Street) & Ndash; Kopernik & Ndash Street; Str. May 1 (p.) & Ndash; Bernardine Square (Square Square)

8 Bogdanivka, Petra str.

I Main railway station & ndash; Pelchinskaya Street (Vitovsky Street) & Ndash; Str. Zlibkevich (Iv. Frankiva) & Ndash; center & ndash; Street. Sonychny Street (Kulisha Street) & Ndash; Pidzamche & Ndash; Gabrielivka

10 Stryi Park & NDash; Poninsky Street (Frank Street) & Ndash; Str. Zlibkevich (Iv. Frankiva) & Ndash; Batogo Street (romanan St.) & ndash; center & ndash; Zhovkivska Street (B. Khmelnitsky Street) & Ndash; Zamarstinovskaya - peat

During the German occupation since June 30, 1941, the Lviv tram continued to work.

From November 26 of the same year, routes # 1, 3 and 9 were in the inscription & laquo; Only for the Germans & raquo; and in other wagons separate places for the Germans were created, separated by a chain.

In 1940 & mdash; 1941 there were wagon repair shops, which during the work during the occupation rebuilt three wagons on motor and nine & rsquo; on the trailer.

It is known that during the occupation of the tram was used for military purposes, in particular, they were made by trailer wagons, which were transported to prisoners of concentration camps for forced work.

In 1943 in Lviv The following tram routes were functioning :

1 Main railway station & ndash; Kopernik & Ndash Street; Ostshtrasse (Lychakivska Street)

2 Main railway station & ndash; Wierstrasse (Gorodotskaya Street) & Ndash; center & ndash; Snopkov (Mushak Street)

with Yanovskaya & Ndash; Weststrasse (Shevchenko str.) & Ndash; center & ndash; Grunstrasse (Zelena Street) & ndash; Peterstrasse (Menchikova Street)

h Shlossberg branch (High Castle) & NDash; From the street

5 Wierstrasse (Gorodotskaya Street) & Ndash; Ring (Center)

w Ring (center) & ndash; Krakow & ndash; Pidzamche & Ndash; Gabrielivka

sh Hermannstrasse (Konovalets Street) & Ndash; Center - Grunstrasse (Zelena Street) & Ndash; Peterstrasse (Menchikova Street) - Ostshstrasse (Lychakivska Street) & Ndash; Center - Hermannstrasse (Konovalets Street) Ring counterclockwise

8 Bogdanivka - Wierstrasse (Gorodotska Street) & Ndash; Ring (Center) - Ostshtrasse (Lychakivska Street) & Ndash; Peterstrasse (Mimechikova str.) & Ndash; Grunestrasse (Zelena Street) & Ndash; Center - Wierstrasse (Gorodotskaya Street)

I Ring (center) & ndash; Wehrmachtrasse (romana) & ndash; Phichtenstrasse (Franko Street) & ndash; Herbststrasse (Dm. Vitovsky Street) & Ndash; Staufenhasse is the main railway station

10 Zommerstinstrasse (Zamarstynivska Street) & Ndash; Zonnestrasse (Kulish Street) & Ndash; center & ndash; Wehrmachtrasse (romana) & ndash; Zofieland (Frank) & ndash; Lytenstrasse (Franka Street) - Persenkivka

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