War portraits are depicted in Lviv trams

War portraits are depicted in Lviv trams

Evacuation trains arrive every day. The first thing they see forced displaced Ukrainians & ndash; These are volunteers and Lviv trams. At that time, the drivers of electric transport not from a TV screen or a computer monitor; Uutter, but personally, see hundreds of thousands of broken human destinies. They hear different stories and even become heroes in them. More in conversation with a resident of Kiev and the driver of tram # 9.

Ira Korzun, forced a displaced person ( She actually lost his work because the composition of the enterprise where she worked in Gostomel. In Kiev lived near the forest in the direction of Irpin-beech ):

All that happened in Irpen and Bucha we heard from shelter & hellip; Explosions were heard every 30 seconds. Children asked whether it was a thunder & hellip; Initially, the baby was treated as a game. We tried to arrange the shelter as much as possible, and they were interested and fun because they were all together and did something new that we didn't do before. And then & laquo; the game tightened & raquo; the son started crying and saying: & laquo; don't want to basement & hellip; & raquo;

Next was a difficult road to Lviv & Hellip; We went to the train car on trees & rsquo; yan benches, which were designed for three people, and we were six on each side & hellip; Between us were the bags on which the children sat. And for you to understand, many adults and children stand, so, by time, we tried to change to give others at least a moment. And the most uncomfortable that was on the road, because of the lack of toilet & hellip;

Road to Lviv. Photo by Irina Korzun

We arrived seven & rsquo; eu March 5. I'm with my baby, my sister with baby, another girlfriend with seven & rsquo; ei. 6 adults 6 children.

The first thing that struck after Kiev is the light in the windows. We came to Lviv in houses, there was light in the apartments! I burst into tears, honestly, when I saw that. Because for ten days we lived in the basement, all the time in outerwear & hellip;

They went & laquo; on boom & raquo;, I had contacts of an employee whom I asked us to find a home. And while we got in the train, she sought us a home. At & rsquo; ride to Lviv wrote that there is a home and everything is well.

We now live together and support each other. Here I am involved in volunteer work with humanitarian aid. Sort & laquo; humanitarian & raquo; for hospitals. We look for machines, volunteers. Recently received from the United Kingdom, and the day before was help from Brazil. The work is wasting all day.

Elena Koshechkina, the driver of the Lviv tram with the final on the Dvirtseva Square

Everyone gets acquainted with me, as most of the forced migrants are disoriented and do not know Lviv at all. Therefore, for them, both as a reference bureau and as a loader (sometimes people need to help people) and as a psychologist, because to reassure people and set up & ndash; This is not the most important thing.

Although the electric transport system works in the Lviv electric transport, but I hear my poor passengers do not perceive the human voice of the record & hellip; They communicate about their problems and experiences & hellip; Therefore, if possible, I remind those who do not know the road and have previously asked that & laquo; next yours & raquo;.

On the day Ira came to Lviv, my flight was the last on the route. The graphics of the movement does not always work, but when your tram is on the latter, you have a little time when you are waiting for the final flight, and there is an opportunity to communicate with people. Passengers of evacuation trains, they are already seven & rsquo; i & ndash; Everyone is experiencing for the other, and it is impossible to be indifferent and not help. I tried to help Iri, like others, but remember & rsquo; it was softened because it was with young children.

And a week later, Ira gets into my tram & hellip again; She recognized me and immediately began to advertise on emotions, what kind of me, and what I help all & hellip; I admit honestly, in Lviv we are not used to such sincere thanks & hellip; And the incredible, all & laquo; not Lviv & Rsquo; Yana & Raquo; They were taken as a local one, and immediately began to ask for the best way to get to the desired item & hellip; As it turned out for the second time, we met again in vain, since Iri again needed help with finding a home for friends. And so it happened that I managed to solve this problem with a few calls. So I became a volunteer realtor. Although, honestly, I was, because at first I temporarily gave my apartment to those who went in transit abroad, and now I have regular guests.

Ira Korzun (right) and Elena Koshchkin (left)

Instead of a post -speech


You really want home & hellip; Before the large-scale invasion, we were in Lviv a day or two, like tourists, walking the center, doing other things, but now a completely different matter. We go to the store and want to imagine that we are at home but cannot & hellip; Like the same city, but not Kyiv & hellip; I have in my head on February 24, when I woke up and said: & laquo; mom, we were bombing & raquo;, I was not preparing for war, I just had plans to go, as used to work & hellip;


Every time I help others, I want to believe that the good in the world has become a little more. And so, here it is often returned to me with candy, or flowers, just in the coin where passengers usually put money for travel & hellip; Then I understand that someone recognized me, and too, a drop wants to make the world better.

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