Together to victory

Together to victory

Drivers Lviv and Kiev TRAM - EM & NDash Championship commands; 2022, which will be held on this Saturday, May 21, came together to the city of Leipzig.

On the road, two teams were friends, and even more set for victory. It is known that as part of the capital team two tram drivers Svetlana Afanaseva and Galina Zagorna. The Lviv team will compete as part of the prof-instructors Stepan Poplavsky and Irina Kozak

What preceded this:

In the second week after the large -scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine, during an active attack on Kyiv, in LKP & Laquo; Lvivelectrotrans & Raquo; The invitation was received to participate in the International Tram Championship - EM & NDash; 2022. In the letter, the organizers emphasized: & laquo; that invitation for Russian cities to this event has been canceled Rauo

After some hesitation, it was decided to prepare as much as possible, because the Lviv team at that time had the greatest chances of physically reaching Germany. While drivers were training, a #Closetskyua tram was developed. More than 80,000 users on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube social networks have seen the form and video card, which are traditional elements of the competition.

In parallel with the victories of our warriors from the Armed Forces of Kiev, it was possible to form their team. Now two teams from Ukraine have the opportunity to show colleagues from Europe and the world at the Tram - EM & NDash Championship; 2022 that & laquo; we are Ukrainian, we are open to the world, we are fighters. We are not going for a victory, we are already winners. & Raquo; (Titles of Promovano #Closetheskyua Lviv Tram)

The on-line of the championship will be viewed at the link:

Kyivpastrans Tram - EM & NDash; 2022:

Afanaseva Svetlana Pavlovna. The driver of the Darnytsia tram depot has been transporting passengers to Kiev tracks for more than 15 years.

My father was a bus driver, so Svetlana dreamed of operating transport since childhood. But for herself she decided that it is much easier to manage the tram.

He loves riding a motorcycle, but now he cannot do it, so he rides a bicycle and gives this hobby a long time. Tram-EM 2022 gave Svetlana the first time to cross the border of Ukraine and visit neighboring countries.

Zurna Galina Vasylivna. The first class driver that has given her dreams for 12 years.

Galina herself from Kyiv region. As a child, she came on a tour of Kiev, where she first rushed on the capital tram. Even then, she knew that when she grows up, she would definitely sit down for the driver's seat. Galina loves to embroider a cross, and always finds the opportunity to travel in Ukraine. A special place in life drivers is occupied by flowers, which it devotes most of their free time.

Lvivelectrotrans Tram - EM & NDash; 2022:

Poplavsky Stepan Stepanovich. The first tram driver, which has mastered the low -floor p & rsquo; yatsection tram. Today is the main teacher and mentor for other drivers in the tram depot (and not only Lviv). Hobbies & ndash; fishing. The body and character harden in icy water.

Kozak Irina Nikolaevna He loves his work above all. This love is pleased to share this love & rsquo; yu as an instructor for other drivers. Winged dream & ndash; master the control & laquo; iron bird & raquo; . It jokes that the tram control panel is something like a plane.

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