Today, the first horse tram in Lviv marks 141 years (video)

Today, the first horse tram in Lviv marks 141 years (video)

May 3 2021 Fulfilled 141 years, since Horse Tram went to the streets of Lviv. Horse traction was used from 1880 to 1908. year, on a change in which the electric arranged later.

As told Chief of car repair workshops LKP "Lvivelektrotrans" Andriy Callenik This was the first on the territory of Ukraine, which began regular movement in 1880.

"Payment of travel was introduced from May 5. Two lines functioned: "The main station - the street of Gorodok - the Square Customs" and "The main station - substitute", which transported an average of 1 867,000 passengers per year. In 1889 there were 105 horses, and cars - 37 passenger and 3 trucks, "says Andriy Callenik .

On the territory of the tram depot LCP "Lvivelektrotrans" is maintained and operates today by special equipment, on the basis of a carriage of a horse tram.

"Spetsvagon, the so-called tower, it is intended for repairing the mainset and built in such a way that the basis is taken from the horse tram, which was operated in Lviv from 1880 to 1908. This is a cart of one of the first cars in Lviv. Now it has a tower, respectively, a master that serves the network can climb and perform certain work, "said Andriy Callenik .

He also told that this year , May 31, will be 127 years old as in Lviv in 1894 left the first electric tram and showed 112 summer SanOK SW1 model carriage.

"The tram carriage of the Sanok SW1 model was made in the Polish Tarnow city in 1909. In 1943 he was bought for Lviv, because Poland has changed the width of the track. Tram had only 16 seated places, and 20 people could transport as much as possible. He served urban routes from 1943 to 1972. Sanok SW1 was white-red, and now after major repairs - beige blue. In such colors, he proceeded in 1970, "added Andriy Callenik .

Olga Melnyk,

Public Relations and Press Specialist

LKP Lvivelectrotrans