Today in Lviv a memorandum was signed on the purchase of 250 electric buses for the needs of the city

Today in Lviv a memorandum was signed on the purchase of 250 electric buses for the needs of the city

Today, September 10, a memorandum was signed for the purchase of 250 electric buses for the needs of the city. Thus, the purpose of the memorandum is a comprehensive solution to the organization of passenger traffic on regular city bus routes and for the environmental safety of Lviv and the comfort of residents. In particular, he predicts that over the next three years, 200 electric buses will be purchased by private carriers, and 50 - the city.

"Over the past few years, municipal carriers have significantly updated the rolling stock at the expense of the city budget. However, the question constantly arises - what to do with the minibuses operated by private carriers? On the one hand, the community already demands a different quality, the city council demands a different quality, but the economy does not allow them to do so. Through long negotiations, they found such an option. Calculating that the electric bus in operation is several times cheaper than the bus, they agreed with "Electron" on exclusive conditions for the production of an electric bus adapted to the needs of cities, we are talking about 10-meter electric buses with enough power for the whole day. Electron is ready to develop technical documentation separately for this purpose, and to make a very good price for electric buses for Lviv carriers. Therefore, private carriers are ready to buy 200 units in a few years, ie to update almost all of its rolling stock. We also want to buy 50 electric buses from Lvivelectrotrans.

In addition, the Lviv City Council will work with a percentage compensation mechanism for leasing, in order to buy electric buildings to private carriers. The mayor will be able to maintain a local manufacturer, and again part of the taxes to return to the city budget ", - said Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure Andriy White.

Therefore, according to the memorandum, the city and private carriers will act on the following principles:

  • prioritization of electric vehicles for environmental safety in the city;
  • development of an electric bus (electric bus), taking into account the peculiarities and needs of the city of Lviv;
  • concentration of the maximum of design and production capacities on development and serial production of the electric bus (electric bus), including design-technological, mechanical-procurement, welding, painting and assembly productions, within one enterprise or association of enterprises;
  • production capacity of the plant - the manufacturer must allow the manufacture of about 200 electric buses per year;
  • a large-scale program to localize the manufacture of components and units for electric vehicles must be implemented at the factory.

It will be recalled that on September 2, 2020, a contract was signed with the winner of the tender for the supply of 10 new low-floor trams to the city of Lviv, within the framework of the Urban Public Transport of Ukraine project from the European Investment Bank.

Source: LMR press service , photo by Roman Baluk

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