In Lviv began testing validators on vehicles (video)

In Lviv began testing validators on vehicles (video)

In Lviv, the implementation of the implementation of the electronic ticket (ASP) for public transport of the city continues. Thus, on March 24, a test installation of the automated payment system of payment of travel (electronic ticket Leokart) for each type of vehicle, which are involved in passenger traffic of the city.

"Today we see these first validators that we now set our trams. Also validators until August will be installed in the test mode on certain routes in trams, trolleybuses, buses. The task is to work out the process itself, because this technology used in Lviv has not yet been applied in Ukraine, this is a fairly latest product - a common product of the Czech company microelectronics, which won the tender, and our Lviv company SoftServe. Lion's share of responsibility lies to SoftServe.

In August we can make an electronic ticket payment - or through a telephone, or by a credit card, and by the end of the year, the entire system must already be launched from January 1 normally use an electronic ticket.

And if someone arrived from another country or other city? He will be able to calculate the credit card, as well as we will leave the possibility of calculating cash, that is, the driver will have a special printer to printing a one-time ticket, but its price will be significantly more expensive.

11 million euro is worth it, but it's nice that the funds remain in the house, because the Lviv company SoftServe receives a lion's share of funds - it's good.

Validators set all - private, communal transport. On August, in the test mode, we introduce an e-ticket and on some private routes. And next year, the e-ticket will work completely on all types of transport. We will also document transport.

Now we will synchronize the system, validators we set up, see how they are perceived by people. I am also interesting for antiwandality as the system will work in closed mode so far. Immediately there are questions as the controller will check? The controller enters the tram, turns off the entire system, the one who managed to make a check-in, OK, and not - then fine. We have many different interesting things that will be applied. If you went to the tram and for a minute did not activate your e-ticket - this will already be your problems, because the system during the check will be completely blocked, "- commented Mayor of Lviv Andrey Garden .

As noted in LKP "Lvivavtodor", in general, there will be three stages of installation of electronic ticket systems. The first stage of installation will cover about 25 units. The second stage will be installed by more than 100 units of vehicles. And at the last stage it is supposed to equip the entire public transport by the electronic ticket system.

"Already from the end of March, the phase of direct mounting of validators began. This begins with all of the test mounting. This phase assumes that during installation of the Czech team Mikroelektronika prepares all technical documentation, in order to start industrial installation from May. Now the first industrial batch of validators who must arrive at the end of April - early May. Accordingly, industrial installation will begin from May. Similarly, the SoftServe team is in parallel.

Now we have installed 4 sets on 4 trams. Today, a team on a trolleybus depot began to work in parallel. Accordingly, the work will continue to ATP-1 and private routes.

The total cost of a project for servicing for 2 years - 11.5 million euros. In our schedule, the implementation of the project is inclusive until December, until that time will last installation. Somewhere before August we want to prepare several routes, in order to use test mode. Full system must work in January 2022, according to the contract.

There are such moments when due to quarantine restrictions we have delays. Similarly, the Czechs now say that plastic cards they can not put us in a term, because Germany delays supply by those cards. But in general, everything should be in terms of ", - noted Andrew White, Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure .

He also added that validators are made of an antivandal body. Over time they will equip more than units of rolling stock.

"Formally it is all done to check how the signal is transmitted in which way we can track where the vehicles are and how the system works. The test software is currently downloaded, and it will still be changed repeatedly. That is, we have to technically check whether everything works correctly, whether there is no errors in connections whether information is transmitted or connected to servers and does it perceive information through 4G.

It must be understood that all equipment arrives, an industrial party is already prepared, which will be shipped from the side of the Czech company nearly time, and will continue installation of systems. In parallel, legal issues that require no less work and software development, in particular, it is about a website and mobile application and how to do this with each other ", - noted Roman Lev, Deputy Director LCP "Lvivavtodor", Head of Implementation of the ASP Project .

The test installation is the next stage of deployment of the project, during which the onboard equipment is installed on one kit for each type of vehicle.

At this stage, installation is carried out by representatives of the executor - the Czech company Mikroelektronika. The main task of this stage is to create a detailed documentation for laying a cable network in vehicles, the placement of validators, driver console and other integral elements of the on-board subsystem: antennas, printers for printing of disposable paper tickets, power supply units and voltage stabilization, connecting fittings, etc. .

As a result, after the first test mounting, a technological map and mounting rules for all types of vehicles will be created that will rule with the system.

The second stage of the test mounting is expected in May-June, it is at this time that 100 sets of equipment will be installed on the next 100 vehicles.

Following a plan for deploying an ASP system, a large industrial batch of equipment for all vehicles involved in passenger transportations of Lviv ITG is expected in July.

At the moment, the city received the first 30 electronic ticket systems. In general, these 30 systems consist of 100 validators. At the first stage, validators arranged on trams. The following steps are trolleybuses and ATP-1 buses, as well as buses of private carriers. In general, these test systems will be installed on 25 units of public transport.

"We set them on different types of transport that run on the entire community. At this stage, Lvivans will not be able to use them, models will only work in test mode. This is a verification that is required before the order of the mechanism for the entire transport network ", - are informed in LCP" Lvivavtodor ".

Detailed description of the main on-board equipment:

Validator - an electronic device placed in a vehicle for non-cash payment. For convenience of passengers Validators will be installed near each entrance to the vehicle salon. The device itself is reliable and protected with the requirements of IP40. Validator includes the following functions:

  • Visual symbols about validation result;
  • the main interface (display of the user);
  • Visual EMV indicators;
  • 2D Reader (QR code);
  • Software keys and contact readers.

The driver's console, on-board computer type OCC is a second generation of on-board computers that are independent and have the ability to manage all parts of the payment system inclusive with a printer for printing disposable paper tickets. The device housing is reliable and protected with the requirements of IP53. Functions of the onboard computer:

  • The connection of the vehicle with the ASP system with 4G LTE and ensuring the operation of the system in the absence of communication;
  • driver's registration and route choice;
  • Current location information using GPS / GNSS system;
  • Visual and audio accompaniment of passengers about the route stops.

Printer of disposable tickets - it is necessary to print paper tickets for a single pass when paying in cash. The printer is located in the driver's cabin for quick paper change. Details of the printer are metallic and protected from corrosion, and the housing is resistant to vibrations and damage.

Mass installation of validators for general use in Lviv transport are planned in May-June. And the test use on separate routes plan to launch from August-September.

Add that one of the components of the e-ticket is the installation of validators on all inputs and exits in the vehicle. His task is to maintain contactless transport or bank cards for payment, QR-codes of tickets, mobile application or disposable paper tickets. Validators are needed to, by going to the vehicle, to fix the train and then can be transformed free to another vehicle, within 40 minutes.

Recall LKP "Lvivavtodor" concluded with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Credit Agreement of 17.11.2016 on the project "Implementation of the APOP in the city of Lviv" for a total amount of 10.0 million euros. Local contribution to the amount of 1.2 million euros.

On March 12, 2020, the contract with the Mikroelektronika & SoftServe consortium was signed - the winner of the tender (project launcher, according to the agreement, is considered May 15, 2020).

And on September 25, technical measurements are made in public transport by representatives from Mikroelektronika for future installation of the necessary equipment. Also signed by Design Systems of the Project in October 2020, and on October 19, the work of administrators of LCP "Lvivavtodor" in the Tsarneats, which take documents and statements from the peramervatory category of the population began.

Plans for this year by e-ticket are:

  • Launching a passenger service center.
  • Getting the first preferential transport cards Leokart.
  • Test installation of the ASP system for each type of vehicle.
  • Testing and accepting software.

The first sale of electronic general and tourist maps during the testing of travel.

Installing an ASP system for all vehicles.

Understanding the ASUP system is scheduled for January 13, 2022.

Source: Lviv city council:

* Photo by Roman Baluk

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