According to the director of the Training and Course Plant LKP "Lvivelectrotrans" Gregory Varkhov , training of the first registered group in the profession of "Trolleybus driver" began on October 26, 2018, and in the profession of "Tram driver" on December 3, 2018. The licensed volume of students for training in the professions "Tram Driver", "Trolleybus Driver", is now up to 10 students in a particular specialty.

During 2019, 4 training groups were registered at the Training and Course Complex: the 2nd by profession “Tram Driver” and the 2nd by “Trolleybus Driver”. As of now, there are 2 study groups in the training institution for the training of drivers of vehicles of category "T". In particular, by profession "Tram driver" 10 people, and "Trolleybus driver - 9 people", - tells Gregory Varkhov .

In general, since the activity of the educational and exchange rate plant, the total number of students completed the course of training programs for the preparation of drivers category "T", successfully passed examinations to the MIA TSC and received the driver's license to the corresponding category is:

- 33 students by profession "Trolleybus driver";

- 37 students by profession "Tram driver".

It should be noted that during the study students (students) receive a scholarship in the amount of 6300 UAH. Drivers learn the basics of industry and business, legal knowledge, structure and technical equipment of electric vehicles, labor protection, basics of electric transport operation and rules of passenger service, basics of traffic safety, traffic rules and perform practical work.

In 2020, it is planned to increase the number of licensed students in the study groups for the professions "Tram Driver" and "Trolleybus Driver", as well as change the curriculum in accordance with the new DSPTO, after its approval. In October-November this year, new starting groups for both professions will be launched.

LKP Lvivelectrotrans is constantly working on updating the rolling stock. Therefore, the newly purchased Electron trams are adapted to the training ride. We also teach students to ride on two platforms for the initial driving of trolleybuses and trams.

Press service of Lvivelectrotrans LCP Olga Melnyk