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Information on the training and courses of LKP "Lvivelectrotrans"

The Training and Course is a structural unit of LKP & Laquo; Lvivelectrotrans & Raquo; which organizes the educational and production process and preparation of students at the address city of Lviv, vul. Trolleybus, 1. The institution provides vocational training, retraining and advanced training in working professions & ndash; electric transport drivers for the personnel needs of the enterprise.

In general, since the activity of the training and courses, the total number of students who completed the training course on the training program of the category & laquo; T & raquo;

& ndash; 33 Listeners by profession & laquo; trolley bus driver & raquo ;;

& ndash; 37 students by profession & laquo; tram driver & raquo;.

Drivers study the basics of sectoral economy and entrepreneurship, legal knowledge, structure and technical equipment of electric transport, labor protection, basics of operation of electric transport and rules of service of passengers, basics of traffic safety, traffic rules and perform practical work.

I invite you to get a new profession - a tram driver, a trolley driver!

With respect and best wishes

Director of the training and courses of LKP "Lvivelectrotrans"

Grigory Varkhov