Водій трамвая, тролейбуса

Tram and trolleybus driver

LKP Lvivelectrotrans - City monopolist in the field of electric transport in Lviv, a utility company owned by the community of Lviv and is the operator of trams and trolleybuses in the city.

We invite you to study !!!

Do you want to see how your city wakes up? How does it come to life, hurry in business, how does it pulsate with human flows ..... Give Lviv residents freedom of movement? See their smiles, take them tired to their homes in the evening. Become a tram or trolleybus driver!

It is interesting, romantic and as responsible as possible! Your city needs you ..........

You are our candidate if:

  • - ready to learn, develop, master new knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • - attentive, responsible, stress-resistant;
  • - you are interested in stable work, decent timely pay.
  • - you want to feel your benefit.

Benefits will be provided:

  • - to city residents.
  • - availability of a driver's license of any category.

What will you get?

  • - Stable, interesting and romantic work,
  • - Master a new type of activity,
  • - Get a tram or trolley bus driver's license that is valid in all Ukrainian cities.

-Payed leave (31 c.d.), paid hospital, spa treatment.

Training lasts 4 months, scholarship payment - 5 thousand hryvnias per month.

Make an appointment by phone: 067 011 3333 Oksana.

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